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A Focus on Captive Services


Claim Initiation

When an employee of a company insured under the captive files a health claim that exceeds the self-insured retention limit, the claim process begins.

Claim Outsourcing

Instead of managing the claim internally, the captive outsources the administration to AIS, ensuring expert handling.

Claims Assessment

AIS undertakes a comprehensive assessment of the claim, verifying details, examining medical documents, confirming policy terms, and determining claim validity.


Reinsurance Reporting

If the captive has a reinsurance policy, AIS tracks and reports the claim to the reinsurer, ensuring coverage and shared risk management.

Payment Recommendation

Based on the assessment, AIS provides a recommendation regarding claim payment, including the suggested amount.

Final Decision and Payment

The captive insurance company makes the final decision to approve or deny the claim based on AIS’s recommendation. If approved, payment is processed promptly.


Record Keeping

AIS meticulously documents each step and maintains records for future reference and audit purposes.

Industries We Serve


  • Specialized Support
  • Overflow Management
  • Operational Assessments

Insurance Carriers

  • Direct Writing Carriers
  • MGU Carriers
  • Audit Services

Retail Brokers

  • Claims Monitoring
  • Contractual Review
  • Medical Review Services

Captives & Self-Insureds

  • Claims Administration
  • TPA Audits
  • Captive Layer Evaluation

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